UFC’s Myles Jury wants to be the best in the world

Myles Jury

Myles Jury

UFC’s Myles Jury wants to be the best in the world

By: Devon Teeple at The GM’s Perspective

Myles Jury is doing it his way.

Jury, founder of Jury Jiu Jitsu is one of the most exciting up-and-coming fighters in the UFC today.

Jury is a mixed martial artist with a higher purpose. It’s not about the fame that comes with being one of the most recognized facing in his discipline; it’s about giving back to a sport that has taught him so much. He wants to be the best in the world and after over a decade of strenuous training, he’s knocking on that door.

It’s impossible to be at the top of your game forever. Every athlete facing that end one day, Jury understands that. He’s building a brand dedicated to helping others achieve their goals and dreams.

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Myles Jury – One of the Hottest Win Streaks Right Now



Myles Jury has been trending upward over his past several fights.

With a win over Chris Saunders in his UFC debut, Jury secured a long-term spot on the UFC roster. Since then, he’s also beaten Michael Johnson, Ramsey Nijem, Mike Ricci and Diego Sanchez to earn the No. 9 position in the lightweight rankings and giving him one of the longer winning steaks in the world’s top promotion. Jury is one of only five fighters in UFC history to go 5-0 in the lightweight division (first five fights that is, and only 25 fighters total overall in history).

On September 20, Jury will attempt to keep his roll going against former Pride FC champion Takenori Gomi. With a convincing win over Gomi, Jury would probably be a title contender, which would give him an opportunity to prove he should be taken seriously as a threat to the 155-pound championship.

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Michigan Native UFC fighter gets ready for bout in Tokyo

Sounds good, figured Myles Jury. Where do I sign up?

Jury is one of the top Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters in the world. Jury (5-0 in the UFC, 14-0 overall) will be traveling to Tokyo where he will take on Takanori Gomi on September 20.

A victory could put Jury in line for a shot at the world lightweight championship.

“Takanori Gomi is a legend from Japan,” said Jury. “At one time, he was one of the best guys in my weight class, if not the best. While on paper he might not be the best in the world anymore, he is still very dangerous. He is a heavy striker and he always comes to fight. It will be another great test.”

Jury, 25, was born and raised in Hazel Park where he attended both grade school and middle school. It was at Beecher Middle School in Hazel Park where he started wrestling.

He moved to Fenton when it was time to start high school where he lived with his mom, Christina Jury, and stepdad, John Mikula.

“I’d always been interested in mixed martial arts. I think it came from watching movies from when I was very young. When I was in the eighth grade, I stopped at Holly Martial Arts. I was learning Tae Kwon Do and there were other guys at the gym who asked if I would help them train. They were getting ready for MMA fights. I said yes and they just kicked the crap out of me,” he said, chuckling. “That’s when I knew I had to learn Jiu Jitsu, too.”

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Myles Jury and Team Fury partners with The GM’s Perspective

The GM's Perspective

The GM’s Perspective

Myles Jury and Team Fury partners with The GM’s Perspective

It gives me great please to announce the recent partnership between Myles “The Fury” Jury and The GM’s Perspective.

Jury is ranked #9 in the most recent UFC Lightweight rankings and is only weeks away from one of the biggest fights of his young career. On Saturday September 20, Jury pits his undefeated record against “The Fireball Kid” Takanori Gomi, live on UFC Fight Pass. Jury is 14-0 in his MMA career, and currently boasts a 5-0 record in the Octagon.

Out of the Octagon, Jury is the founder of Jury Jiu Jitsu. According to Jury, “Jury Jiu Jitsu is a growing affiliate system of “The New Era” Mixed Martial Arts (“MMA”). We offer a variety of programs to all ages and gender. Jury Jiu Jitsu offers an unmatched and evolving skill set that is an unequaled training experience for anyone interested in today’s martial arts.”

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What is TRUE SUCCESS to you?

I wanted to take a few moments and define what TRUE SUCCESS means to me, and it is my hope that some of the points I make will hit home and if not at least get you to understand yourself a little better. The definition of Success varies from each persons point of view and there are different levels of Success, in My eyes “True Success” is an Inward-Outward approach, please let me explain:

My definition of TRUE SUCCESS is living a life of purpose while navigating with a moral compass and beliefs based on principals. Living a life of purpose can mean many things such as doing what your passionate about, inspiring people, or dedicating your life to something bigger then you. A “moral” compass is having a set of values (dedication, integrity, honesty, discipline, etc) that steer you in life and help you make daily decisions. “Principles” in my book are boundry lines of life, whether you choose to follow them or not is on you because life will continue to hand you experiences based off your choices towards those principles.

Let me give you and example: “What goes around comes around” was a saying that I have heard since I was a kid, it took many years for me to actually believe/respect that saying. If you spend your days lying, cheating, and stealing that is what the world/universe is going to give you in return. If you spend your days with honesty, compassion and excitement then that is what the world will give you in return, LIFE doesn’t care either way its up to you to decide what outcome you want.

In my profession I have paid a high price to get where I’m at in the UFC, 13 years of training and competing to be exact. There is nothing wrong with being “Successful” in your chosen field, its the way you do it that counts. I figured out long ago that if I wanted to be a UFC champion one day that it would take countless hours of pain, sweat, sacrifice and blood to get there. The feeling of stepping into the cage and competing is the best experience in the world because its MY passion, the training that I’ve done aligns with my moral compass (Great work ethic, discipline, honestly, dedication, etc.) and I know I’ve respected lifes principles (ex. not cutting corners, no lying to myself, putting the right kind of work in and expecting the results that naturally follow).

Now a days too many people rely on “Society” to tell them if they are successful or not. Example=What kind of Car they drive, how many friends they have, how much money in their bank account, how good looking they are, how they look, how they talk, etc. That to me is an Outward-Inward approach.

Now don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with having money, lots of friends, a nice car, etc BUT its the reason why you choose to have those things in YOUR life. If you earn nice things like that in your life from a place of purpose, morals, and principals then there is nothing to be ashamed of, on the opposite side: if you have those things in your life because you are trying to please society then you will never feel true “Success” in my eyes.

Life is short and we are all truly on our own paths with our own purpose, every now and then don’t forget to stop and look inside of yourself and understand why your doing whatever it is that you do. - Myles “Fury” Jury

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Partnership with MUS HD, The Diamond Jewelry Brand that Creates a HD Lifestyle



MUS HD would like to announce they have signed a brand ambassador to join the Diamond Jewelry Brand that Creates a HD LIfestyle. This is none other than UFC’s Myles “Fury” Jury.

Myles Jury is a great addition to the MUS HD as they are very particular on who they select to represents their brand. With Myles Jury being top 10 ranked fighter in the lightweight division and perfect MMA record of 14-0, 5-0 in the UFC, sky is truly the limit. Myles is one of the UFC’s fastest rising stars.

After recently beating Diego Sanchez, Myles was slated to fight (The Ultimate Fighter) TUF season 5 winner Nate Diaz, which Nate had declined the bout with Myles. Now Myles next bout will be against one of the biggest legends in the sport of MMA, Japanese Fighter, Takanori Gomi. This fight will take place on 9/20/14 at UFC Fight Night in Japan.

Aside from being undefeated in MMA, Myles Jury is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and founder of Jury Jiu Jitsu (JuryJJ.com), an MMA system designed by his evolving new era style.

MUS is very proud and honored to have such an athlete of Myles calibre as he is the future of the UFC and sport in general.

Having Myles as a brand ambassador showcasing the custom made diamond products made by MUS will market the brand in a major way as this will generate strong based for the MMA world. With this new partnership the MUS Brand & Myles “Fury” Jury’s team will be a huge game changer for MMA. Also, this will personify and embrace the MUS HD Lifestyle.

To learn more about Myles Jury- www.TheTeamFury.com

To learn more about MUS HD- www.MUS.ae

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Myles Jury set to take on Legendary Takanormi Gomi

Jury vs Gomi

Jury vs Gomi

It appears Nate Diaz is standing firm and won’t be accepting the challenge to face Myles Jury in a lightweight bout later this year, as Diaz turned the fight down with Jury, but the upstart contender has drawn the name of a legend instead.

Former PRIDE champion Takanori Gomi will face Jury at the upcoming UFC Fight Night card in Japan on September 20 in a bout that will likely serve as the co-main event of the evening.  Sources close to the contest confirmed the new bout to FOX Sports with verbal agreements in place for the matchup.

With a perfect 14-0 record, Jury has been making a fast rise up the lightweight rankings with recent wins over names such as Michael Johnson, Ramsey Nijem and Diego Sanchez. The San Diego based fighter was offered Diaz a week or so ago, but the wayward Ultimate Fighter winner turned down the fight in favor of holding out for a more lucrative contract.

Now Jury will travel to Japan to face one of the lightweight division’s biggest icons.

Takanori Gomi (35-9, 1 NC) was considered for several years to be the best fighter in the weight class while he was wrecking fighters in PRIDE while competing in Japan.  He was a prolific knockout artist, who was always one punch away from separating his opponents from consciousness.

Gomi has recently gone 3-1 over his last four fights with the lone loss coming a very controversial decision to Diego Sanchez in 2013, that Gomi clearly won.  Now Gomi will go home again for his next fight as he faces Jury in a featured bout on the upcoming UFC Fight Night card in Japan.

More on Myles Jury MMA system, JJJ: Jury Jiu Jitsu, at www.JuryJJ.com

Myles on Instagram- www.instagram.com/FuryJury
Myles on Twitter-  www.twitter.com/FuryJury
Myles on Facebook- www.facebook.com/TheTeamFury

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UFC Ultimate Insider with Myles “Fury” Jury

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Myles Jury Believes He Can Cancel Out Anthony Pettis’ Strengths

By: Buster Evans

Myles Jury picked up the biggest win of his career in March defeating Diego Sanchez by unanimous decision after shutting down “The Nightmare” for three straight rounds.

I caught up with “The Fury” recently and he said it has been a lot of pressure being undefeated and having to face big names like Sanchez. Jury revealed he had to be on top of his game against the TUF season 1 winner :

“Fighting Diego is crazy to think about because he is a machine that doesn’t stop, cant be finished and does a great job at breaking fighters regardless of how the fight is going. I really had to stick to a certain style and game plan to beat someone like Diego.

I had to use every tool I have and be the smartest I’ve ever been,” Jury explained. “It was 15 minutes and even though I feel I won every bit of it dominance, I had to be on top of my game for every second or everything could have easily changed.”

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